The custom Timber Framing slick shown here has a 7.5 cm (3 inch) edge, 3/8" thick steel we recover from chipper blades. Tang and socket fit.  The blade tang is offset (doglegged) giving you more clearance from your work.  30 inches long overall with an apple wood handle. We make a lighter slick, 1/4" thick, L6 steel we recover from headsaws.
The tang is set  5 cm (2") past the socket into the handle. The blade is handforged hardened and differentially tempered, this is a strong framing slick.  Leather wrap for grip is optional.
We will custom make you any width of slick you need.

1/4" thick,  $425
3/8" thick,  $495
Item # SS02                                        

Woodworking Slicks and Skews
Custom Handmade Wood Carving Tools
All our tools carry a lifetime guarantee. 
Our Skews are fit with copper ferrules and have a tang 12.5 cm (5") long.
The slicks can be fit with a socket or a ferrule. Both have tangs 12.5 cm (5") long.
The sockets are forged 7.5 - 10 cm (3 - 4") long.
The blades of the slicks are forged offset giving you more clearance from your work. 

Skew edges are bevelled on both sides at acute angles of 15 degrees which will allow you to get very close to your work. The quality sawmill steel we handforge, harden and differentially temper will take a great edge.

Handmade, hand forged Timber Framer's slick.
Fish-tail slick, heavier than the carving slick, handforged from 5/16" thick  high carbon L6 headsaw steel for wood carving, log and timber work. 107cm (30 inches) overall, with a gently curved 4 inch cutting edge. The blade is similar to a fish-tail adze shape  It has a thick 3.75cm (1 ½ inch)  diameter handle. A great tool for carving wood, finishing timber and cleaning up logs.

Price:   4" - $425
             3" - $385
       2 1/2" - $355
Item # SS01      
Large heavy duty gouges for woodworking. A log home building tool and a carving tool. Forged from .5cm (3/16") sawblade. All our tools come with a handmade leather sheath.
Item #SS04a    5cm (2 inch) , 28 inches overall       Item #SS04b   7cm (2 3/4 inch), 28 inches.
Price: $375.                                                                           Price: $420.

Item #SS05    3.75cm (1 ½ inch), 26 inches overall 
Price: $345

Item #SS06     2.5cm (1 inch), 20 inches overall 
Price: $320.

Cup slick for log home builders and wood carvers.
A wood carving slick forged from high carbon sawblade steel.
This medium size Skew is 56cm (22 inches) long overall, and has a  15 degree cutting edge bevelled on each side. The blade is 13 cm (5 1/2") long You can get  very close to your work.
Item # SS09 Prices:
1 1/2",   $195.  
2",          $215.
2 1/2",   $245.
A fine detail woodcarving finishing tool.
The small skew is 28cm (11 inches) and has a 3.25cm  (1 ¼ inch), 10 degree cutting edge with a fruit wood handle. 
Item # SS11     

Tools for wood carvers, timber framers, boat builders and log home builders. 61cm (24 inches) overall in length with a 23cm x .5cm (9"x 3/16") blade and a 15 degree cutting edge.     
Offset slicks give you more clearance from your work.

Item  SS07 
Price: 2.5 cm          (1 inch) $225.
          3.75cm    (1 1/2 inch) $245.   
             5  cm           (2 inch) $270.         
A woodcarving and loghome tool, A Scarf slick forged from high carbon sawblade steel.
Heavy flared end slick with eight inches of cutting edge for the log home builder.
   This Carving slick is a smaller version of the fish-tail slick. 51cm (28 inches) overall. The blade is hand forged  from .5cm (3/16") high carbon steel containing molybdenum, chromium and nickel - a tough steel.  It will hold its 7.5cm (3 inch) razor edge. The tang of the blade is set 13cm (5 inches) into a thick hardwood handle then set with a copper ferrule. Everything is hand done and carved in to fit.  A perfect fit.  The handle is offset from the blade giving you better control and more room. 
Log home builders use our scarf slick for shaping hand-hewn timbers and as a finishing tool cleaning up logs and corners.  For woodcarving it is a excellent tool for shaping and finishing wood sculpture like totem poles and canoes.     
  They carry a lifetime guarantee.

Item # SS12
Price: 2 1/2"- $325                                          
            3"     -  $340
130cm (34 inches) overall in length. The blade is 1cm (5/16") thick and offset from the handle to give you more clearance from your work. The tang of the blade is burned into the handle 13cm (5") and set with a ferrule which assures a perfect fit. There is 20.5cm (8") of cutting edge angled at 25 degrees.  We use steel from  headsaw blades, a high carbon alloyed steel; molybdenum, chromium and nickel. We forge, harden and temper the blades into a very tough edged tool. It will take and hold a superior edge.
                                                                                                          We'll make whatever size you need.
Item # SS13
Price: $425.
 We make hand forged custom wood working hand tools for log home building, timber framing, sculpting, woodcarving, and shipwrights. If you want a certain kind of slick, with a certain weight and a particular edge we will make it. 
Please go to our on-line catalogue to view more knives and tools, information and prices.

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3/16" handforged high carbon sawblade steel. These skews keep an exceptional edge for the woodcarver.
We will make any shape or size of skew to fit the wood carving job at hand.  5mm (3/16") thick sawblade steel handforged to a 5 degree on each side of the beveled edge. They are 48cm (19") overall. If you want a custom skew send us a design.  Contact us.

Item # SS10 Prices: 
1 1/2",   $195.
2",          $215.
2 1/2",   $245.
We make custom tools.
Handmade Timber, Loghome Building and Wood Carving Tools from British Columbia, Canada.
Tools and Knives.
We use sustainable methods making our tools and knives. Sun energy.
Handforged woodcarving and log home fish tail slick.
A fish tale adz head on a straight handle.
Slicks and Skews all come with handmade thick leather sheaths.
The bevel is taken well back for a sharp tool.
2 - 8" edges
Our handmade slicks carry a lifetime guarantee.
Custom carving skews.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us. 
"The slick is incredible!   It performs beautifully. Thank you very much for offering tools that are a true work of art". 
Thanks, Tom                      (Fish-tail slick)
Woodcarving Slicks
A gentle curve and flare for clean carved marks
Slicks can create and finishi hand hewn timbers.
Smaller versions of the flared end slick.
Tang and socket fit.
Timber Framing Slicks
Paring Slicks
Paring Chisels
These offset or "dog leg" chisels are excellent carving tools especially getting in and out of corners.
Handforged, annealed, normalized,  hardened and then differentially tempered for toughness and to hold a razor edge.

They can have a skewed edge                     or any kind of edge shape at your request.

Each chisels blade starts with a 5", 12.5cm long stem and an apple or cherry handle 7", 17.5cm long. 
A gently curved skewed edge.
Item SS14
1/4" wide edge, $115
1/2"                     $135
3/4"                     $150
Carving chisels.
Small offset or dog-leg carving tools
Flared Edge Slicks
Custom Made Skews
Woodworking Pairing slicks.
Fruitwood handles.
Offset handles.
Cup Slicks
Fish-Tail Slicks
The handle is offset and parallel to the blade.
We forge our blades from high carbon5 and 6 foot head sawblade steel

Hand Forged Woodworking & Carving Tools
Skews and Slicks

Handmade custom timber framing slick.
Custom handmade wood carving fishtail slicks and scarf.
Framing Slicks
Woodcarving Skews
Carver's Slicks, Scarf Slicks & Fishtail Slicks

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Custom handmade woodcarving knives & tool sets

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Handmade Framing Slick, Chisel Slick
crooked knife set 7 with adze
Custom handmade wood carving knives and adze