aki yamamoto
Our Wooden Spoons, ladles & Salad Bowls are handcrafted 
by Aki Yamamoto who also creates the distinctive Cariboo Blades knife & tool sheaths.
She creates a range of wearable and decorative art, 
drawings, prints, paintings and greeting cards.
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Blue pine mask.
Ink Monoprint of wild horses
Ink prints, 5"x7" each
British Columbia's disappearing boreal forests.
    "BlueTree"    Watercolour & ink
"Horsepower", acrylic & tissue.
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Cariboo Blades ArtCariboo Blades Art
Cariboo Blades ArtCariboo Blades ArtCariboo Blades Art
Cariboo Blades ArtCariboo Blades Art
Aki lives with her partner and son in the isolated boreal forest on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau, British Columbia.  She draws, carves, takes photographs, paints and prints, drawing inspiration from the changing landscape that surrounds her. 

They are committed to living justly and sustainably. 
Handcarved horse head bolos
"At Night In The Moonlight 2"
Pine, spruce, Douglas fir and aspen. A landscape changing.
Woodblock prints #2
Handcarved cherry wood spoon
Cherry Yelling Spoon
Aki and Kai
Street Characters in a Cigar Box.
Carved from avocado pit.
winter 2007
large leaf bug
Aki's variety and  series of handmade cards are available.
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november 2008
november 2008
moose skull 
a walk in the fog
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gift sets for weddings and special occasions
Some of Aki's wood carvings. The Pit Heads
I watched a tiny spider
Scurry across our rural road
Leaving no visible tracks
On the freshly fallen snow
It stopped at the edge of a sudden crevass
Left just moments before by our dog
Walking beside me

The spider hesitated
Then dropped into the abyss
Scrambled about the toe holes
Then back up to the surface
On the same side
The wrong side.  A pause

The spider dropped back
Into the crevass
Scrambled about the toe holes
This time she crawled up the other side
And continued on her way
Leaving no visible tracks
On the freshly fallen snow

Prescription #2
"A Forest Falls...Swamped".   was Aki's solo show at the Station House Gallery, Williams Lake, British Columbia.
Custom sheaths. Aki's original designs.

Leather work.Handmade Knife sheaths.
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