trembling aspen and willow
#1. Four fish
  unconcerned about their                 origins
         nor their various futures
A selection of handmade greeting cards inspired by a life in the bush

a glorious poppy from our garden
#3. A poppy adventure...
moose snacks
#2. Wild willow whisperings
Red clover
#4. A field of clover swings
Showy aster
#9. Aster affections
"old man's beard" lichen
#7. A full moon causing a 
dragon to leap from lichen laden                     tree
inspired by time spent Down Under
#8. A singular seeking echidna
touch a tree
#5. Connected
so many salix species!
        #10. Can't see the trees                     for the leaves
another salix species
#11. Large insect-eating leaf
trembling aspen
#13. Aspen aspirations
Common red paintbrush
#12. Paintbrush Lady
wild rose petals
#14. A many splendoured thing
autumn splashes of colour
#16. Autumn colours
      Unique Handmade greeting cards by Aki
                               no message inside
                    10 for $125, including shipping
                         Printed on recycled cardstock
          Accompanied by recycled paper envelopes
                      envelope size:  4 3/4" x 6 1/2"

              Originals also available:
                      Framed Originals - $475
   A special gift set - the framed original with a set of 10                            cards of the same image
         Lovely for weddings - we also do custom work
             (a special flower in mind?)   

an increasingly common sight in our neighbourhood
#6. lone dead pine tree 2
the disappearing boreal forest of British Columbia
#15. lone dead pine 1
#17. fireweed faerie
Common witch's hair lichen
#18. a fleeting shadow of...
Since childhood I have always picked wildflowers and leaves when on walks and pressed them in books, never knowing why or what I would do with them.  Here are some images I have come to, now that I am much older, and would like to share them with you. - Aki
All images copyrighted by Aki Yamamoto
gift sets for weddings and special occasions
A bug.
The Originals

Aki Yamamoto